Have you ever read a book and wanted to immediately start a conversation with the author?
Are you a member of a book club and would like to begin an engaging chat about the author's thoughts regarding your favorite characters?

Lucky for you, the Sgt. Knight Novels have interwoven themes of love, desire, betrayal, and conflict that make for the perfect Book Club Discussion!
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So... you've been wanting to write a book and have no idea where to begin or how to execute getting a book from a thought in your head to a book in your hand.
Or... you've been blabbing about writing a book, haven't done it yet, and need some accountability.

Or... because you are ready for a creative writing experience unlike any other.

Let Best-Selling Author Carla DuPont uncork the book bottled inside of you!
Whether you are looking for one-on-one coaching, or you'd like to host a private Uncorked: A Wine & Writing Experience, reach out so we can get you going in the write direction!